Machinery - Soil Energy
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About This Project

Soil Energy Company Limited provides rental services for excavator, dozer, grader, water- boxer, dump truck, vibration roller, compactor, roller, crawler drill for construction and earthwork uses. Our main imported items include excavators, bulldozers, loaders, cranes, crawler drills and excavator attachment tools such as hydraulic hammers and drum cutters. In addition, our import and distri- bution services can also be tailor- made to cater for the specific needs of our customers procuring unique / customer-requested machineries.

Construction Machinery Equipment List

  • Crawler Excavator (12 Nos)
  • Bulldozer (4 Nos)
  • Dump Truck (28 Nos)
  • Long Truck – 10 Wheels (12 Nos)
  • Water Boxer (3 Nos)
  • Soil Compactor (4 Nos)
  • Grader (2 Nos)
  • Wheel Loader (3 Nos)
  • Crawler Drill (1 Nos)
  • Concrete Mixer (10 Set)
  • Vibrator (10 Set)
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